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Fox Sports is launching an online channel for eduva education abroad

The online channel Fox Sports Eduva will launch in April, with a focus on the online education space.

It will focus on topics ranging from digital and mobile education to global health, climate change and digital learning.

The channel is a joint venture between Fox Sports International and Eudox, a company that specialises in international education platforms.

It was established by Eudix and Fox Sports in January last year.

Eudux co-founder David Storrs told Fox Sports that he was excited to be launching the channel in the US and hoped it would help boost the value of the channel for users across the world.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Eudexx to launch the channel,” he said.

“The channel has the potential to be the first of its kind for education, as well as offering audiences a unique and engaging educational experience across digital, social and mobile platforms.”

Fox Sports Edua is an innovative solution for online education and will help deliver a great education experience for students, teachers and their communities.

“The channel will feature educational content across both online and traditional formats, as it provides access to over 300 hours of content on a range of topics.

The new channel is being built by the Eduvo team in collaboration with Euva, which has already announced plans to build a full platform of online courses.

Eudox CEO Nick Brown said the partnership with Fox Sports was “a natural extension of our relationship with the company”.”

The partnership is an example of how we are building a platform for digital education that is not just for content creators, but also for audiences and learners,” he told Fox News.”

By working with Fox, we are enabling the global audience to gain access to content they may have missed previously, while also providing access to an innovative educational experience.

“Eudex has a growing list of partners who are offering online courses in many of the world’s countries.

It has also announced plans for an e-learning platform, EduViz, to be launched in 2019.