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Australia’s top-earning university graduates earn less than $50,000

Australia’s universities and tertiary education sector is being hit by a surge in students with overseas degrees, with the top earners earning less than their Australian counterparts.

The figures were revealed as the Turnbull government announced an unprecedented overhaul of the university sector.

In response, the head of the tertiary sector’s trade body, the Australia Council, has warned of the dangers of a return to the “deregulation of tertiary schooling”.

The government is pushing for an increase in the number of overseas students applying to universities, but the Australian Council for Education and Training (ACET) has warned that the current system is failing to address the challenges of tertyrac tertiary students, particularly those with a higher education qualification.

The ACET’s chief executive, Simon Evans, said the university system’s graduates were increasingly “at risk” of losing their jobs.

“The average overseas student in Australia today earns about $53,000, but that’s not necessarily a very good financial return for a student coming to Australia,” he said.

He said there was “overwhelming evidence” that overseas students were “at a significant disadvantage” when it came to job prospects.

A new report from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and the Australian Institute of Technology (AIT) has revealed that overseas graduates in the $50k-$60k bracket earned less than those with degrees in Australia.

At the top end, overseas graduates with overseas qualifications earned $53.9 million, which was almost double that of the average graduate in Australia, according to the report.

In the bottom half, the average overseas graduate with a bachelor degree earned $27,800, while those with an associate degree earned just $21,800.

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