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Why is it that students in India can’t get an overseas education certificate?

RTE Editor-in-Chief Niall Fitzgerald looks at the issue of foreign education certificates in India, from where students can get an abroad education certificate.

Read more Niall F. Fitzgerald has written on the subject of overseas education certificates and the difficulties that they present in obtaining an overseas certificate.

“What the government is doing is creating a system whereby, even though it is an overseas qualification, there is no way to get it,” he says.

“And so, there are some students who have to work as teachers in India and do the teaching and then when they return to the UK or wherever they come from, they will be put on the list of overseas learners.”

And it will have to be done, and the process for obtaining an international education certificate is not being done properly, and it’s not being properly assessed by the Indian government.

“According to the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), over 90% of Indian schools are now offering at least one overseas qualification.”

It’s really just a way for the government to give itself more of a license to discriminate against overseas learners,” says Niall.

He says it is “unethical” that overseas education qualifications have not been made available to those who need them.”

The issue of overseas students coming to India, I think it’s a good idea, but the problem is there’s no proper assessment system. “

But it’s just another way for them to make sure that there’s a quota for them.

The issue of overseas students coming to India, I think it’s a good idea, but the problem is there’s no proper assessment system.

There’s no formal assessment process for overseas learners that they need to complete in India.”

A government official speaking to NDTV on condition of anonymity, said: “Foreign students are not given an overseas learning certificate.

We have a scheme to assess and classify foreign students.”

The process is a continuous process.

It will take about three years for foreign students to get their certificates.

“They need to pass the assessment.

Then the assessment will be sent to the relevant authorities in India for approval.

If the assessments are rejected, the student has to go back to their home country.

Then they have to get another assessment to see if they have qualified for an overseas training certificate.

If they do, then they will get a certificate.”

What you need to know about the Panama Papers: Panama Papers article The official, who requested anonymity, also said that foreign students would be allowed to study in India after completing the assessment process.

They would be given a visa to stay in India until they graduate, or until they have completed the assessment and have obtained an overseas diploma.

The government official also said there was no official criteria for what was considered an overseas student and whether they should be allowed entry.

“There’s a whole process for deciding on who is an accredited overseas student, but that is a process that the government has to agree on.

And that process is not available to foreign students.”

He added that foreign learners would not be allowed back into India after graduating from college.

However, a spokesperson for the Education Ministry told NDTV: “There are no requirements that foreign student will have completed a foreign education certificate or have been given an Overseas Learning Certificate.

Students with an Oversea Certificate will be able to work in India as teachers, and they will have access to our universities.”

The spokesperson said foreign learners had been allowed to work at Indian universities in the past.

Earlier this year, it was announced that students with overseas education diplomas would not have to apply for a certificate from India.

However, the Department of External Affairs said that it would consider the proposal and would not comment on any individual case.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson said that a notification was being prepared in the coming days for the approval of overseas learning certificates.