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How to get an education overseas

Vadodera: The home of the world’s largest Tamil Nadu Tamil University, the university has been a major venue for the ongoing debate on the issue of affirmative action.

Students, alumni and teachers have rallied against the decision to reduce the number of students from the university from about 40,000 to 25,000.

The school, which has been the main beneficiary of government subsidies, has come under fire from the Tamil Nadu government and several prominent activists for its decision to cut the number.

On Monday, the Supreme Court ordered a hearing on the matter.

The school said it will be submitting its submission by October.

On the issue, a group of alumni from the school, known as the Association of Tamil Teachers of International Education, said that the decision will lead to “loss of opportunities for students of Tamil Nadu and the whole country”.

“It will mean a loss of quality education for the students and students of the country and its people,” the alumni said in a statement on their Facebook page.

In an interview with The Hindu on Monday, Dr. P.N. Parikh, the chairperson of the Association for Tamil Teachers International Education (ATTE), said that his organisation was not aware of the decision until it was announced by the government.

“But we are aware that the government has decided to cut our numbers,” he said.

“This is the second time in three months we have protested against the government’s decision.

We are not afraid.

According to the association, the cut of the number from 25,200 to 25 is part of the government plan to reduce costs by increasing the number on campus. “

The government should explain to the government what it is going to do to students in our schools,” he added.

According to the association, the cut of the number from 25,200 to 25 is part of the government plan to reduce costs by increasing the number on campus.

The cut is the largest of its kind since the government started a programme to cut tuition fees in 2014.

The government said the cut will be made permanent and that students will be paid at the level of their enrollment.

The university says that there are about 70,000 students in its colleges.

The students of Vadodera College have taken to social media to vent their frustrations.

Some of them have called for a boycott of the college, calling it an “illegal” recruitment center.

“The government’s plan to cut off our livelihood is a very shameful move, which should not be tolerated,” a Facebook post by one student reads.

“I will not stay in Vadoda and I am leaving my job.

The state has a right to decide for us.

Our education is at stake.”

The group has also urged the government to stop using Vadodi as a recruitment centre.

The government has been pushing for a cut of up to 35 per cent in fees.

The students say they will not abide by the decision.

“It’s a sad day for the Tamil community,” a student, who requested not to be identified, told The Hindu.

“Our schools have been a source of support to the Tamil nation.

They have given us a platform to speak out against this government.”

Dr. Parakh, the chairman of the association and a member of the state government, told the newspaper that it was important for the government and the government institutions to clarify what it was doing.

“We need to understand the nature of the cuts.

We also want the government of Tamilnadu to explain what the aim is.

We need to know what it’s thinking,” he explained.

“Vadoders and our education institutions are at stake here.

We will not sit idly by and let the government make decisions that will have a negative impact on our institutions.”

Dr Parakh said that he was confident that the students would be able to maintain their presence at the college and the institute.

“As an academic institution, we are the only ones with the power to decide the fate of our institutions,” he told The Indian Express.

“If the government is not willing to discuss this, we will leave.”

Dr P. N. Parakumar, the president of the All-India Tamil Association of Students (AITS), said the cuts would have a “negative impact on students” and their education.

“There is no place for discrimination in our society.

The fact that we are facing such an attack on education is not a surprise to us.

It is the reality of our society, and we are fighting against this,” he wrote in a post on Facebook.