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When The Academy Of Sciences And The Royal Academy Of Arts Become The World’s Leading Schools Of Education

Enlarge/Students in their classroom during the school day in Zhejiang province, China.

The academy is based in Zhenjiang, but its students travel to the United States, France, Australia and other countries to study abroad.

The curriculum focuses on the “greatest of sciences, including mathematics, chemistry, biology, engineering, physics, mathematics, and computer science.”

Reuters/Robert Galbraith/Files A school of education that was created in Canada in the 1950s is to be the first in the world to institute its own curriculum in the United Kingdom.

It will be called the Academies Of Education in the UK and will be based in Cardiff.

The move comes as the country prepares to vote on whether to leave the European Union in a referendum expected next month.

“The academy will bring together the best of British science, teaching, and learning in an atmosphere of open dialogue, and a global approach to education and learning that will be deeply supportive of the global community,” the academy said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Academy of Science and Of Arts and Science in the U.K. have the same mission statement, and have similar objectives.

The Academies will be the brainchild of the British Academy, which has about 250,000 members and which is funded by the Department Of Education, according to the academy’s website.

Academies of education in the Netherlands, Austria, and Belgium, all founded in the 1800s, have similar goals and are also funded by governments.

But the British academy, which also runs a global science school in Cambridge, England, has long been more focused on bringing together students from around the world.

The UK government has committed to establishing an academy in Cardiff in 2021.

“We are proud to announce that our new academy will be a world-leading institution of the highest quality,” said Sir Paul Green, the British minister for education.

“It will be an academy that engages with the best in the field of education, offering the most rigorous and innovative approach to our current curriculum, and helping to shape the future of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

The British academy has been involved in education and research since the 19th century, and is considered the country’s foremost authority on science, engineering science, and mathematics.

The British government recently awarded the academy $8.7 billion to establish its research arm, the Science and Technology Research Council, in 2017.

The government also set up a new research unit called the Innovative Advanced Research Unit (IASU) to develop new technologies.

Academics from around Europe are also coming to the U: Germany has been studying the UK for years and plans to create a similar academy in 2020.