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Veda Sivaram’s overseas education funds to fund $1.3M project to build homes for poor in Sri Lanka

Veda Saromar, a 27-year-old IT engineer, has decided to raise funds to build her own home in Sri Lankan capital, Colombo.

She is raising funds to provide her own accommodation, which is located in an undeveloped part of Colombo that has been a slum for years.

Saromar said she was forced to move from her family’s home in Pancholi to a slums in Colombo when she was 11 years old.

Now, Saromars family has lived in Paddi Padi, a slumber house that was built for poor people.

Saratomar told CBC News she decided to build the home in Colombia in 2014, a year after the Sri Lankans independence war ended.

She said the project has been extremely difficult, as it was in need of a lot of support from foreign companies.SAROMAR has set up a website and is looking for foreign investors to help her build the house.

She has raised more than $600,000 to complete the project.

Saruomar was working as a software engineer in Colonia, a region in the northern province of Colombias province, when the conflict ended.

In a video released by Saromari, she said she struggled to find work.

She said she has now started to rebuild her life after being forced to leave her family.

Saranomar says she has never received support from her community.

She told CBC that the government has not provided her with enough help.

She also said she is hoping to open a bank account for her parents so that they can receive support for the project, as she is unable to get her money in any of the foreign banks.

Sarnath Prakash, a director of the Sri Lanka Development Board, told CBC Radio’s Morning Edition that Saromarto’s family and her friends in the community are supporting her financially.

“The fact that she has been able to raise the funds she has and to get the house built, is very good news.

I think that she should have access to financial aid and she has made the choice to do that, and we should support her,” he said.

Sarbajan, the local government in Colomo, said Saromaran’s decision was a reflection of the community’s desire to improve their lives.

He said the Sri Kansala National University (KSUN) had offered a scholarship to Saromara to help with the project to help build a house for the poor.

“She is a young lady with a bright future ahead of her,” said Sarnath, who is also a resident of Paddisi Padi.

“We are all proud of her and hope that she can make a contribution to the community and to the country and the cause.”