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How to get a medical degree abroad for less than $50,000 (again)

The US government is paying $4,500 a year to medical school overseas to encourage foreign students to come to the US for a bachelor’s degree.

The programme is being launched at US medical schools, including some at the University of Pennsylvania.

A spokesperson for the US Department of Education told CBC News that it’s “aimed at helping foreign students earn a bachelor of science degree, with the goal of bringing more American medical graduates to the United States and providing opportunities for American workers.”

The programme, which runs from July to December, was announced by the US Education Department in March, which will be extended for another three years.

The Department of State and the US Government Accountability Office, the agencies that oversee federal funding, are supporting the initiative.

They will not be paid directly.

The US is one of the most generous countries when it comes to awarding scholarships to foreign students.

It has offered $100,000 to an international medical school to help it expand in the US.

The number of international medical students at US colleges and universities has doubled in the last decade, and the number of foreign medical graduates in the United State is expected to rise further in the next 10 years.