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How to get a good education abroad

More than 10 million Australians have a job abroad, with nearly a quarter of them in the top 1 per cent of income earners.

But many don’t get paid the minimum wage.

Australia’s overseas education industry, which makes the bulk of the country’s export exports, is still struggling to compete with those overseas in developing nations, where many students are forced to work long hours for low wages.

The Australian Council for Overseas Education (ACOE) is calling for reforms, including more flexible work contracts, to address the lack of working hours and wages.

The organisation’s president, Richard Hargreaves, said there was an urgent need to create an economy where people can work, train and develop skills abroad, not just work in Australia.

“The international student is a significant and growing market, and the current system of visa-free entry is inadequate to meet their needs,” he said.

“We’re really concerned about the fact that, while our economy is growing, there’s no job opportunities for Australians in developing countries.”

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