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How to buy dream overseas education abroad

The global education and learning organisation Aegis Overseas Education Fund aims to create a global marketplace for overseas education.

The fund, which has already received some $8bn from the US government, aims to build a network of schools across more than 100 countries to ensure that overseas students will be better prepared for life in the UK and overseas.

“This is a significant milestone in Aegis’ vision of providing a platform for students from all over the world to access higher education,” Aegis president John McInnes said.

“We know that there are many challenges to our students’ ability to achieve in the United Kingdom and abroad, and this funding will help address those challenges by providing the opportunity to more than 300,000 overseas students across the globe.”

In total, the Aegis UK network is aiming to deliver more than $1bn worth of funding to schools in the region, including over $600m for schools in Britain.More: