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How to train your new online tutor

PUNE: A new online training service is expected to attract thousands of people to the local industry, as it aims to provide a “global, accessible” platform for teachers and postgraduate students to train with teachers from around the world.

In a bid to bring more international education to the region, the platform, called EducatePune, has already attracted thousands of users in the past few weeks.

Educate Pune has a range of online training modules, from self-taught teaching and teaching for new learners to more in-depth training.

The platform was launched last week in partnership with the Government of Maharashtra and the National Council of Teaching and Learning (NCTL).

“We are very excited to be part of the Educate India project.

As an industry, we want to be an important partner to build an India-wide network of international teachers and learners, and we want the world to know that we have a global network of teachers,” said Manu Agrawal, Co-Founder of Educate.

EducatePUNE offers a range with courses in English, Hindi, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese, along with an online training system.

The aim is to ensure that teachers and students from different backgrounds and backgrounds, are able to learn together.

In addition to a comprehensive range of courses, the online training platform has also partnered with an educational technology consultancy.

“The platform has a large online community.

It has already been used by over 25,000 people.

It is not only for students, but also for teachers who are interested in working with us,” said Arun Chaudhuri, Co Founder and Head of Educator at EducateIndia.

Educates Pune is aimed at providing a platform to teach foreign language learners to local Indian teachers and will provide an opportunity for local teachers to work with foreign teachers.

The service is being launched on a platform-by-platform basis, with the help of the government of Maharashtra.

The local service has already enrolled over 2 lakh people from all over the world, with teachers and lecturers from Australia, India, China, Japan, Australia, France, Singapore, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland, Italy, and many more countries.

“The number of people enrolled in the service has grown by 30% in the first week of its launch, and it is expected that the number will increase by over 30% over the next three weeks,” said Agrawan.

As the launch of the platform continues, Educate’s website will also highlight the various courses offered in the programme.

“We have been working with the local educational community in India to design an easy-to-use platform for foreign teachers, and the first version of the site will be ready soon,” said Chaudheres.

“I am confident that with our help, the education sector in Pune will be the envy of the world in the coming years.”

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