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Canada’s teachers unions call for teachers to be fired over Canada Post deal

The Canada Post union says it’s “disappointed” the Liberal government has signed an agreement with the union to “extend the same conditions” that have been imposed on teachers for years.

The union says that the agreement will allow the government to “increase their power to control the working conditions” of teachers.

Canada Post Canada said it’s disappointed by the deal but is committed to working with the government on it.

It says it has been working with unions in this area for decades and that it will work with the Liberals to ensure a better and more fair deal for teachers.

It’s a major issue for teachers in Canada, where they’re fighting to keep their jobs after years of attacks from the Conservative government and the Liberals.

The government has promised to extend the collective agreement with Canada Post for another 10 years and has also promised to keep the same “work-sharing” provisions in place.

With files from the Associated Press and the Canadian Press