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How to get a free abacus abroad education from Germany

abacus,education abroad,school abroad,free education source RTV 6 source Al Jazeera English title French schools to stop teaching abacus article France’s schools will stop teaching the abacus as a means of instruction in 2018, the education ministry said on Monday, ahead of a general strike on Tuesday.

The ministry said it would continue to educate pupils on the device and to teach them to use it on their own.

The decision was taken by the French parliament on Monday after an outcry over an online guide to abacus instruction.

The education ministry earlier this year announced a ban on the devices in public schools and kindergartens, but did not specify when or how it would go into effect.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said last month that the ban was necessary to protect the country from the threat of cyber-attacks and cyber-security threats, but many in France are concerned that the new rules could have a chilling effect on the practice of learning the foreign language.

More:France has about 1.6 million abacus users and over half of them are young people aged between 13 and 24.

The device is used to teach students how to read, write and pronounce letters, which are written in different ways depending on where they are.