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How to read the latest headlines on Thailand, the Philippines and the United States

3M Thailand is the third largest foreign employer in Thailand with an employment rate of about 23%, and its total workforce of about 3.6 million people is nearly one quarter the size of its neighboring country, the Phillippines.

The Philippines has the world’s third largest workforce and is one of the top employers of foreign workers, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Philippine economy has expanded in recent years thanks to a massive economic boom and the creation of a vibrant middle class.

The economic boom has led to a huge influx of capital and workers to the Philippines, where the government is spending millions of dollars annually to boost tourism and business.

However, the Philippine economy also suffers from a lack of foreign investment, which is the backbone of its economic growth.

The country is currently ranked by the International Monetary Fund as one of its worst-performing economies in terms of job creation.

The situation is even worse in the United Kingdom, which has one of Asia’s highest per capita GDPs.

As a result, the British government has been trying to reduce the number of foreign students coming to the country.

If you are looking for news on the Philippines or the Philippines-Bangladesh relationship, check out the Business News section of ESPN.com.