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Why the World is Still Missing out on World’s Most Innovative Teachers

I was shocked to see that, as a foreigner, I was the only one in the room at the conference who had a Ph.

D. in international education.

I was surprised because, even though I had a bachelor’s degree in education from a private university, I didn’t really know anything about international education, I just thought I was a smart person who knew how to make money.

I think I’m lucky to have a Ph, because the other three Ph.

Ds in the conference were foreigners.

It seems like every single person there knew someone who had graduated from a university abroad.

And that made me feel very isolated, like, Oh, I’m the only person in this room who has no idea about international schooling.

And I thought, Well, I guess I should have a PhD in international schooling to be able to answer the questions that you’re asking about internationalization and how the global economy works.

So that’s why I decided to study international education at the University of Illinois.

As a foreigner who didn’t know anything, I thought this is the best way to understand international education and the way the global education system works.

It was just like, Let me ask you this question.

What is the average length of international schooling in a given year?

What are the most innovative international teachers?

What is what’s the best place for a foreigner to learn international education?

And I think it was the same in India and other countries.

The most innovative teachers are in schools in developing countries.

They teach international education to students who don’t have the money to go to a university or go to an international education center, and they also teach them about their culture.

But it’s not just international education in the developing countries; they also have the international education for students from other countries, like China.

In the U.S., I think there are maybe six to eight foreign teachers who are in the U.