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Which teachers overseas reviews are worth the effort?

In a new report from teachers’ organization Education for All, they found that teachers in countries such as Australia, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and the United States are among the best-trained and the most productive.

The survey found that nearly a quarter of teachers from the surveyed countries are in the top five of their countries’ education rankings, and that the average teacher in these countries is better educated than the average Indian teacher.

India’s teachers were among the highest-rated of the surveyed nations, with the average student learning four years of school in English.

Teachers in Australia and Canada were also among the top-rated, with average students learning three years of English. 

The report says that while the survey only looked at teachers from these four nations, it did find that some teachers from India and other nations are still learning to teach in the U.S. While India is still reeling from the 2010 floods, its education system has improved dramatically in the past decade.

While the average pupil in India now spends five years in school, the average school in Australia spends three years, and in Canada, two years.

The report points out that there are no comparable comparisons in the United, or the United and World, for that matter.

Teachers who are teaching in the developing world also have a tough time in terms of the quality of their teaching, with nearly a third of teachers in these nations not having a bachelor’s degree or higher. 

As more countries move toward making it easier for teachers to teach, it is encouraging that many countries are already working to raise teacher salaries, said Mark Johnson, president of the Council for Better Teaching.

But he also noted that the majority of these teachers are not in countries where the teaching profession is currently growing, or where there are large numbers of teachers.

Johnson told NPR that the report also found that teaching is the most important profession in developing nations. 

“Teaching is the key to unlocking the potential of these young people.

But the best way to achieve that is to have a workforce that can teach them,” he said. 

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