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How to fix ‘cognitive dissonance’ over visa policy, says GOP nominee

After the Republican presidential debate last week, Mitt Romney suggested that the Obama administration was using its power to “drive away the brightest and best from our country.”

He went on to suggest that the United States should be “very cautious” about letting its citizens come to the U.S. if they don’t think they can handle the strain of the job.

“There’s a difference between making sure we have the best workers and then saying that you can’t do the job, because you’re not a good worker,” Romney said.

“And there’s a real difference between what’s necessary to create good jobs and making sure that the Americans who work in our country are able to live there and to contribute to our economy.”

But as Romney said, the administration has no power to compel American workers to relocate.

The U.N. has repeatedly said that a U.K.-style exit visa system is not feasible because it is so expensive.

Romney’s comments came amid a flurry of debate over the administration’s proposed policies to curb immigration.

A senior administration official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told ABC News that the U