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‘We are not going to be silent’: Education activist calls for more education funding

The day after a national day of education protests, an activist and advocate for higher education reform has called on the government to invest in higher education more.

Sophie Chiu, a former president of the International Education and Research Association, a Hong Kong-based organization that advocates for higher levels of education, called on China to invest $20 billion in education.

“We are calling on the Chinese government to fund higher education as soon as possible,” Chiu told reporters during a speech on Wednesday.

More education funding would mean that more students would be able to learn, she said, adding that it would also “raise the quality of education.”

Chiu, who worked as an educator before she began her activism, said China needs to increase the amount of money available to students, because the country has become a “middle-class nation.”

She said the government needs to fund more funding to ensure that “all students can learn.”

She also criticized the Chinese Communist Party for not investing in education more because of its economic problems.

“We do not need to go to the extremes to raise our children’s standards.

We should do it because the economic system has collapsed,” Chui said.

The protests began after the government last month blocked a group of professors from speaking at a summit, which included top education officials.

The government has blamed the protests on the pro-democracy movement, which began in 2014 with the death of pro-Beijing activist Liu Xiaobo, who was arrested in February.

Chiu said the protesters were being “hijacked” by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, which has since been accused of widespread abuses.

In a speech last week, Liu’s daughter, Liu Xia, called for an independent investigation into the crackdown on the demonstrators.

Chiu said Liu Xia would like the government and Chinese people to know what she experienced.

“I want to tell them the truth, so they can understand that what happened was not just a small crime.

It is the crime of the whole Chinese people,” Chaiu said.