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How to find the best schools in Australia

Students at the Australian Open have a better chance of getting a place in the top 20 schools in the world than the world’s best tennis players, according to an analysis by the New York Times.

The Times found that the average ranking for the best Australian schools is 3.5 out of 10 on the Pisa-accredited Test.

The average ranking of top-ranked tennis players is 7.2 out of a 10-point scale.

Tennis is a high-stakes sport in which players must prove themselves at a high level of play to compete at the highest levels.

The ranking of the top-rated tennis players by Pisa’s international peers is 5.8 out of an overall score of 100, meaning the top performers are more likely to get a chance to play for their country at the Olympics than in the major tournaments.

A top-10 ranking is more likely for the top ranked tennis players who are able to make the cut, the Times found.

The rankings were based on students’ performance in the past year on an average of 20 questions on mathematics, reading and science.

It found that students from the most-educated backgrounds scored better than students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The top performing students were more likely than their less-educated counterparts to go to elite schools, the study found.

One way to determine a school’s ranking is to look at how many times a student scores on its exam.

Schools with the most students with the highest scores on an exam tend to be rated higher.

In contrast, students with less education have less success at getting into the top schools.

In general, schools with more students who have high scores on exams are more apt to rank highly on a global ranking such as Pisa, the New Zealand Times found in a 2013 study.

Pisa is based on a combination of standardized tests, such as the ACT and SAT, and student essays.

Its results are taken from more than a million students across the world.

The US Department of Education said in a statement that the results were the most comprehensive assessment of schools in more than 40 years.

“The results are a wake-up call that education systems need to be more transparent about their rankings, including the data they collect and the methods they use to rank schools,” the department said.

“It’s clear that we must continue to build a world-class education system that delivers the best opportunities for students, families and communities.”

The Pisa results show that Australia’s schools are failing students.

Australia’s average score on the test was 3.53 out of 100 on the math, reading, and science portion of the test, but students who score higher on those tests are more than twice as likely to score in the Top 20 as students who are less well educated, the report said.

Australia also ranks poorly on other skills such as reading, mathematics and science, the data shows.