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Japan to start trial of online education through internet platform

Japan is set to launch a trial of a service for the private sector to provide online education for foreign students overseas.

The government has approved a request from Japan’s education company for the project, which would provide students with the opportunity to access Japanese online learning and exchange their own knowledge.

The program would be used to help foreign students, who may not be able to access Japan’s traditional public education system, access the knowledge they need to succeed in Japanese life, said Masaru Ishihara, president of Tokyo-based International University of Japan.

The service is currently in its early stages, but Ishihara said he expects it to be a major success story.

The Japanese government, which is currently considering ways to boost its own overseas education program, is also looking at ways to bring the Japanese public to the online platform, he said.

The country’s current education system is based on traditional public schools, but Japanese schools are not equipped to provide free online education, and some Japanese private schools have limited access to the internet.

The online system would allow students to complete their courses in a more efficient way and would be cheaper than traditional public schooling.

Ishihara said the online education would also be a way to attract foreign students to Japan, which he said is an attractive destination for overseas students.

“The online education is an opportunity to get to know the Japanese people, so the Japanese government needs to look at ways of promoting the Japanese brand overseas,” Ishihara told the Kyodo news agency.

Ishiihara said that since Japan has a large number of foreign students and has many international students, the online service could attract foreign workers to the country.

The system could also attract a significant number of Japanese companies to Japan.

Japanese companies could offer services to help Japanese companies in their overseas activities.

“It’s not only for the students but also for the companies who want to help the students,” Ishimoto said.

The service would be administered by a Japanese-based company that would be contracted to provide the service, he added.

I was a teacher in Japan before I moved to Australia and I believe that we should do it in the future too, Ishihara added.