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China’s Grace Education Overseas: The Facts and Figures

The Chinese government has announced plans to establish an overseas education and research hub to boost foreign talent and increase the countrys international profile, a key element of President Xi Jinping’s ambitious plan to expand the country’s global influence.

The announcement, which will see China become the first foreign government in world history to set up an overseas training centre, was made during a visit to the Beijing office of China Overseas Education (COE) on Wednesday.COE, the world’s largest foreign education agency, announced that it will become the largest provider of overseas training to the Chinese people, with a staff of more than 700 people.

The centre will be led by Xi Jinping, the former Communist Party leader and current president of China, and will include a training centre in the coastal city of Wuhan, the home of China’s biggest city, Beijing.

China has already established an overseas teaching and research centre, and has plans to set another one up in Shanghai.

China is also set to build its own state-of-the-art educational institutes, with the opening of a state-funded university for high school students in Wuhong in 2022, and a new high school in Shenzhen in 2023.

China also plans to create a network of international schools in the country, including the first in the world, a new university, and an international teaching centre.