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How a Japanese man came to build a virtual museum for a virtual tour of Japan

As the country is increasingly getting to know the other side of itself in the world, it seems that Japan’s virtual culture has taken a different path.

The country is currently working on a virtual tourism industry, which aims to showcase the culture of Japan to the rest of the world.

But this time, the country has taken things a step further, bringing together people from different countries to build something that would allow them to live in Japan and visit the country. 

The virtual museum will feature people from more than 40 countries, and feature things like Japanese karaoke, sushi, and other Japanese entertainment.

It’s called The Virtual Japan Tour, and it’s being created by the Japanese Embassy of Singapore.

The museum is a collaboration between Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Singapore Tourism Development Corporation.

The Embassy is helping out in many aspects of the project, including creating a virtual site and hosting it on their servers, as well as providing support for the museum.

The Japanese Embassy’s spokesperson, Atsushi Oikawa, told Entertainment Weekly that the museum is still in its early stages and that it’s still being designed, but it’s a step in the right direction.

“We are not a tourist site, we are not an educational site,” he said.

“But the idea is to show the other people living in Japan the same things that we have.”

The Virtual Asia Tour is being developed by a group of volunteers from Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

They have set up an online store, and are asking for people to join their effort to make it a reality.

“The virtual Japan tour is a partnership between the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Singapore,” said the ministry’s spokesperson.

“It is being managed by the Ministry on behalf of the Singapore Embassy in Japan.”

The site is set up in the hopes that the virtual tour will be a way for people from Singapore to experience Japan in their own country, which is what the Japanese tourism industry is all about.

In 2017, Singapore hosted a virtual Tokyo for the first time, and Oikawa said that it was a big step for the country’s tourism industry.

“I think it was one of the biggest virtual events in the country and really made Singapore stand out from the rest,” he told the news outlet.

The Virtual Singapore Tour is set to begin this fall, and the embassy hopes that it will attract tourists from around the world who may not have visited Singapore before.

“This is a step forward in our virtual tourism strategy,” Oikawa told the website.

“Now that we are a part of the virtual Japan tourism industry we want to create the virtual Singapore tour to become a real thing.

The virtual Singapore Tour will bring visitors from Singapore’s virtual cities to Japan’s real places.”

The virtual tour is expected to take around two months to complete, and will feature events in Singapore and Japan.

It will also feature other countries in Asia.

Oikawa also said that the embassy has made the trip a bit of a spectacle, and hopes that people will see the sights of Japan and Singapore as well.

“As the Virtual Japan tour gets bigger, we will be making the tour more immersive,” he explained.

“When we reach Japan, it will be our best show for the tourists.”