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‘Dangerous’ Indonesia’s new curriculum is ‘disgusting’

Indonesia’s education minister has told parents to “take your children out of Indonesia” and said “dangerous” curricula such as the one introduced in Jakarta this month are “disgustingly offensive”.

A statement from Education Minister Joko Widodo said he was “deeply saddened” by the “unfortunate” new curriculum, which he said “could be a cause for concern for our young children”.

“As a parent and as a mother I cannot accept that a new curriculum of education that is not in line with the Indonesian constitution is being introduced,” Mr Widodo told the Jakarta Globe newspaper.

“It’s very dangerous for our children.

We have a country with many religions and cultures.

This new curriculum could be a source of conflict and conflict between those who want to educate our children and those who don’t.”

The government has promised to introduce a new national curriculum in the next two years.

Indonesia’s education ministry said in March it had introduced a new “national curriculum” that would cover education for all ages.

It will cover topics such as gender, religion, history, language, culture and social development.

Mr Widodo, a Buddhist who is also a member of the Islamic Democratic Party, said in the statement that Indonesia needed a “national education” that was inclusive of different religions.

“We need a national education that does not discriminate against any religion,” he said.

The ministry said the curriculum was designed to help Indonesia “create an inclusive national consciousness, a culture that is tolerant and inclusive”.

It has not said how much money the government will spend on the project.

But in June, the ministry said it had raised $US1.8 billion ($1.9 billion) through a series of private and public investments.

Education Minister Jokowi told the Indonesian news agency ASEANews.com that “we have to be prepared to pay for it, because we are facing a lot of difficulties”.

Indias education ministry previously rejected calls to scrap the curriculum in favour of “traditional education”.