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Israel announces new scholarships for Polish expatriates

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday announced new scholarships to help Polish expats, saying they are part of efforts to boost the country’s tourism industry.

The Prime Minister’s Office announced the plan, calling it a “significant step toward enhancing Polish tourism in Israel.”

The Polish Embassy in Israel will also issue new passports for Polish citizens, and the Embassy of Israel will begin a new program to support Polish-Israeli educational institutions and schools, the office said in a statement.

The announcement follows a plan by Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders to invest in Polish-Israel relations in recent years, and to encourage Polish-Jewish communities to work together for Israel’s benefit.

The announcement came a day after Netanyahu signed a controversial new trade agreement with the European Union that would see the bloc provide Poland with billions of dollars in aid and other financial support.

Netanyahu said the pact would benefit the entire EU by creating jobs in Poland and providing jobs to Polish-Arabs.

He said the new agreement, which includes a ban on the import of Polish goods, was a victory for the EU and for Poland, a nation of just over 2 million people that has a vibrant economy.

“The trade agreement is a good investment for Poland and a good start for our bilateral relationship, a relationship that has never been more important, more important than now,” Netanyahu said.